Got To Dance Sky 1 IPlayer

Have you missed an episode of Got to Dance on Sky1?
Don't worry, you can watch Got To Dance online using the Sky 1 IPlayer. People seem to love the Sky Player, and why not. You never have to miss your favourite shows again.

Got To Dance on Sky, is the new hit show.
Presented by Davina McCall, and with judges such as PussyCat Doll Kimberly Wyatt, this show has everything you need from a reality show.
You can watch the latest episode online right now, and you can also remote record too, so if your out of your home, you can simply tell your Sky box to record it.

Remember you can watch Got To Dance on the Sky 1 IPlayer, whenever you want.

When Is House Back On Sky 1?

The logo for the TV Series House with picture ...One of the world biggest TV shows House is now on Sky 1.
If your wondering when House is back on Sky 1, then you will be pleased to know it's now on Thursday at 8pm.

If you miss an episode of House, you can watch full seasons right now using the Sky 1 IPlayer.
Right now, Season 7 is available to watch.
You can also get sneak peaks of the new series by visiting the Sky 1 website.

House seems to go from strength to strength, and is one of the biggest shows in the USA, UK and the rest of Europe too.

Watch this quick clip of House Season 7.

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Idiot Abroad Sky.

An Idiot Abroad Sky.

An Idiot Aroad, is the new show from Sky 1, from the mindsof Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, of the Office fame. Starring Carl Pilkington, who has been made famous from the series of Podcasts and now new animated series.

We see Carl, as the Idiot, being shipped to places around the world, and for the most part, hating every minute. In this series, we have seen Carl in China and Jordan, to name a few places.

Watch this quickclip,which contains scenes not shown on Sky 1.
Warning - Contains bad language.

Thorne Sky 1

Thorne Sky 1.

Missed an episode of the brand new Sky 1 show,Thorne?
Don't worry, you can watch Thorne online right now, using the sky 1 IPlayer.
Thorne, is a brand new show, starring David Morrisey as Thorne. With his team of detectives, they must solve murders, piecing together bits of evidence.

Watch this teaser trailer of the new show-

24 Sky 1

Jack Bauer vs Sam FisherImage by Michali_ via Flickr

24 Sky 1.

Are you a fan of 24 on Sky 1?
Would you like to watch 24 online, whenever you want? Well, you can, with the Sky 1 IPlayer.
The Sky 1 IPlayer, lets you watch 24, Lost and Bones, whenever you like, using your PC.
24, is currently in it's 8th Season, and it's showing on Sk1 and Sky 1 HD.

Watch 24 now.
This is a Behind the Scenes video, for Season 8 of 24.

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Sky 1 Ident.

Sky1 HD logoImage via Wikipedia

The Sky 1 Ident, which is the little part which is shown between the programmes, almost certainly showing the Sky One logo.

Since the early 90's, their have been many Sky 1 Idents. Every couple of years, Sky One, changes it's logo, and that's when we get a new Sky 1 Ident.

Here is one of the first Sky 1 Idents.
It's from 1993, and has some whats sounds like Generation Game, or Play Your Cards Right, background music. I almost think Bruce Forsyth is going to come on, and do his pose.

This next Sky 1 Ident, is from 1997. It's not one of the most memorable, and frankly, it's quite boring.

Next, we have a Sky 1 Ident's from 1995.

Sky 1 IPlayer House.

The logo for the TV Series House. Please see t...Image via Wikipedia

Sky 1 IPlayer House.

House Catch Up. House, one of Sky One's biggest shows, is available on the Sky 1 IPlayer.
House, starring Hugh Laurie, is currently in it's Sixth Season, and was the most watched program in the world, during 2008.
You can watch House Online, using the Sky 1 IPlayer, right now.

Watch House, now.
This is a Red Carpet interview, with the stars of House MD.